One-stop solution for vue component documentation


This document is for 2.x. If you use 1.x, you should update to 2.x because 2.x is fully compatible with 1.x.

Vuese Automatically generate documentation for your vue component, and provides a variety of solutions for generating component documentation to meet your different needs.


@vuese/cli is a command line tool that is very simple to use. If you want to quickly build a documentation site for your vue component or just want to generate markdown document for your vue component, then this tool might be a good choice. Please go to the details: @vuese/cli


The @vuese/parser module is the parser for the vue component, @vuese/cli internally parsing the vue component via the @vuese/parser module and extract the information we want. You can do any more advanced things with the interface provided by the @vuese/parser module. For the API documentation, please go to @vuese/parser


@vuese/markdown-render receives the result of the Vue file parsed by @vuese/parser as a parameter, generate a markdown string. @vuese/markdown-render is also used for @vuese/cli's document generation, in other words, you can use @vuese/markdown-render and @vuese/parser alone to write your own CLI tool to do something interesting.


@vuese/cli is a tool for quickly creating document prototypes that don't have a more flexible documentation solution. So this is why @vuese/loader and @vuese/webpack-plugin are needed.

Our goal is to focus only on the parts that can be automated, and does not limit how your document project is organized and what document framework is used. Of course, we can also provide fast solutions.